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Delicious Gummy Candy Brings Out the Kid in Everyone!

Do you have a big event coming up, especially one in which candy will figure prominently? Whether itís a wedding reception, anniversary, birthday party, school or work function, or some other fun occasion, consider making Gummy Candy one of your featured sweets. For the price, you simply wonít find a prettier, tastier, more universally loved treat anywhere. Here at The Candy Gallery, we like to say that gummy candies arenít just for kids, because itís hard to find anyoneóof any ageówho doesnít absolutely love these chewy little gems. From the original Haribo Gummy Bears Candy to authentic Sour Patch Kids to the most delectable Boston Fruit Slices youíve ever tasted, weíve got the colors and flavors to help make your event a smashing success!

Sure, itís chewy. Gummy Bear candy, especially, is notorious for its soft and clingy makeup. Sure as shootiní, that amazingly delicious gel will migrate to the roof of your mouth and find the spaces between your teeth every time. Of course, thatís all part of the fun that comes with enjoying real gummy candies. We guarantee that everyone from 8 to 80 will have an absolute ball when you serve gummy candies at your event.

For a truly special surprise, try some of our dipped gummies. Nothing goes better with the fresh fruit-juicy flavor of real Gummy Bears than our own delicious handmade chocolate! We make it here, using only the finest ingredients, and itís absolutely wonderful; your choice of creamy milk chocolate or exotic white chocolate. And for that true nostalgic touch at a great price, consider serving our traditional Fruit Slicesójust like the ones you remember from the five-and-dime store or trick-or-treatingóin single colors to match your theme, or assorted colors/flavors. No matter which of our delicious gummy candies you choose, itís bound to make everyone feel like a kid all over again.
Original Haribo Gold Gummy BearsAs low as: $3.82/lb.